What Prime Demolition has learned

We understand that having the right manpower, tools and/or equipment on projects eliminates down time, costly repair bills, and overall maintenance cost, saving our clients time and money. It also eliminates the aggravation of slow moving projects and boosts morale from both sides of the fence. We have found that with the right tools and equipment on our projects, we help the projects move forward in a timely manner that saves our customers headaches and money. We have the ability to sell a whole unit or break it up into individual pieces and sell it. Our asset recovery service also maximizes your yield by selling components to interested parties. We take these steps to minimize the waste that goes to landfills.


Cutting cost in our region of operation

Our company has been active with bidding on many different projects throughout the United States and is pursuing additional jobs in refineries, chemical plants, ports, power plants, compressor stations, and terminal facilities. We take great pride in being a certified affiliate of the Small Business Association. This is a clear sign that we comply and perform our services according to the strict rules and regulations imposed by the government. Make us your local dismantling service partner and be one of our many satisfied clients.